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Preparing for the Holidays

  • 18 December 2017
  • Author: Safety Ahead
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Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time of year for many people and sometimes the small things are easily overlooked. So in the spirit of the holiday season, Safety Ahead would like to give everyone some holiday tips for things such as holiday decorations and planning a road trip to help you make sure your Christmas is not only merry but safe as well.

  • When setting up those beautiful Christmas lights, make sure you check them for frayed cords, damaged light sockets and exposed wiring. This will help prevent electrical fires and possible electrocution during setup.
  • Make sure extension cords are not placed over walkways to prevent tripping.
  • Ensure that Christmas lights are used in the appropriate places, indoor lights are used indoors, and outdoor lights are used outdoors.
  • Everyone loves a real Christmas tree, but make sure you keep it well watered to prevent it from drying out and becoming a fire hazard. Set up your tree a safe distance away from heat sources such as a fireplace or heaters.
  • Don’t leave your Christmas lights on while you’re not home. Even lights that don’t have any visible damage can malfunction and create a fire hazard. Enjoy your lights while you’re at home and can keep an eye on them.
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended! If you leave the room for more than a few moments, make sure you put out the candles before you leave.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition. Have extra batteries on hand to replace them when required.
  • Don’t leave gifts or valuables in your vehicle, and ensure your vehicles doors are locked to help prevent theft.
  • Planning a trip is exciting and you’ll want to share your plans with your friends and family. However, use caution when discussing holiday plans over social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) as you don’t want the wrong people to know when your home will be left unattended.
  • Have a trusted friend or family member stop by your home on a regular basis to check that things are as they should be and it also makes it appear like your house is not empty making it less appealing to would be thieves.
  • If you are planning on a road trip during the holidays, ensure that you plan your route ahead of time. Check the weather conditions to make sure the route is safe for travel, if necessary leave on a different date or take an alternate route to avoid bad weather.
  • Ensure you have an adequate Emergency Kit in your vehicle that contains items such as a flashlight (with extra batteries), blankets and extra warm clothes, emergency food and water, a shovel, extra windshield washer fluid, an ice scraper/brush, sand/cat litter, and emergency flares.
  • Let your destination know what time you are leaving and what time you should arrive. This way they will know when and where to start looking for you should something happen along the way. Ensure you have a map of your route and/or GPS.
  • Make sure you are dressed for the weather. Dress in layers to prevent from getting cold. Dressing in layers also gives you the option to take a layer off if you are too hot as sweating will increase heat loss from the body and can be dangerous in cold weather.
  • If you are planning on attending a Holiday party or event, make sure you have a designated driver if you are planning on consuming alcohol. Other options are to get a taxi or to stay at a hotel.

We wish everyone a safe and Merry Holiday season and we hope 2018 brings everyone continued prosperity, happiness and growth! 




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