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Get COR with Safety Ahead

 Safety Evaluation

Safety Ahead utilizes our exclusive QMS Safety Excellence Evaluation tool to assess your company's current safety program.  

 Action Plan

A Safety Ahead Advisor develops a detailed action plan outlining corrective actions for areas needing improvement and highlighting your current strengths. 

 System Improvements

Safety Ahead updates and improves your company's safety management system to align it with COR requirements and OHS legislation. 

 Develop Required Docs

We develop documentation required by COR and OHS legislation, such as Emergency Response Plans, Safe Work Practices, Formal Hazard Assessments, etc. 


We provide meaningful, company-specific training to your employees, ensuring important safety information is understood, and meeting COR requirements. 

 COR Audit

We help you select an external auditor and schedule your audit. We'll support you during and after the audit.  



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All Companies Benefit




We recognize that each company’s safety needs are unique! Safety Ahead specializes in developing customized, practical safety management systems that address your needs.


Our one-of-a-kind implementation process is efficient and has a proven track record in achieving safety excellence and, of course, COR. We get results!


We’re passionate about safety, and you will be too! Proactive safety systems designed by Safety Ahead promote engagement, and positive company cultures.







Let's Make it Happen

Your next audit will be a piece of cake!

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Frequently asked Questions

Got a question? You're not the only one. See how we answered our most common questions to help you

You’d be pleasantly surprised! If you need COR to bid for a job right away, we can help you attain a Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) before you even get COR. For attaining COR, we have an efficient systematic approach to make it happen fast.

An internal safety person has a lot to learn, and that can be challenging. We have decades of experience in getting COR for companies in all industries – it’s a snap for us! We’ll get your safety program back on track.

Effective safety management systems, including those which have achieved COR, identify and address small issues before they have the chance to become large problems that can cause an injury. 

When safety processes are integrated into your business practice they not only become habit (and so they get done!) but also provide real value that everyone can see. Our safety management systems are designed to be purpose-driven and positive, encouraging everyone’s engagement and creating practical results.

Achieving COR can seem daunting – but we’re experts at it and can walk you through from start to finish!

  1. Ensure your company has an active Alberta WCB account and an ACSA membership.
  2. Have at least one full-time employee complete all four of the following courses (it doesn’t have to be one person, different employees can complete each of the courses)
    1. Principles of Health and Safety Management (PHSM)
    2. Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE)
    3. Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness (LEG)
    4. Auditor Training Program (ATP)
  3. Develop a company health and safety program and gather at least 3 months' worth of health and safety documentation.
  4. Have your program audited by an external auditor and develop an action plan to continue improving.

Yes! Our safety management systems are custom-made to meet requirements in the provinces you operate in. If you want COR in other provinces we can help you get it!




What others say about Safety Ahead Ltd.

" Your construction background and safety experience are excellent assets in developing a safety program for my company that is very user-friendly and sustainable. "
- Dave Crawford, President, DGC Contracting Inc.
"The Supervisor and Representative Safety Training Program is an excellent workshop … I found that I returned to my position feeling both empowered and armed with the knowledge I needed to be successful. I felt energized and eager to start passing on the knowledge I gained to both our field staff as well as management."
- Ryan Latta, Service Experts - Edmonton, Alberta


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