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Edmonton Face Covering Bylaw Repealed

  • 14 March 2022
  • Author: Safety Ahead
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Edmonton Face Covering Bylaw Repealed

As of March 8th, 2022 Edmonton has repealed it’s Temporary Mandatory Face Coverings Bylaw and aligned itself with the Alberta public health restrictions that came into effect on March 1st. Alberta is now in Step 2 of their 3 step plan. Continue reading for more information on what restrictions still apply and other helpful tips for managing your risk of COVID-19 exposure.


COVID-19 Restrictions still in Effect



The provincial mask mandate has been lifted for most settings, except:

  • on municipal and intra-provincial public transit for Albertans 13 and older
  • at all AHS operated and contracted facilities
  • at all continuing care settings
  • continuous masking must be followed for up to 5 days following mandatory isolation due to COVID infection for vaccinated individuals. For more information, see the isolation page.


  • PCR testing for Albertans is available only for those who have clinical risk factors for severe outcomes and those who live and work in high-risk settings.
  • Free rapid antigen testing kits are available for at-home use.

Isolation Requirements

  • Isolation is still legally required for people who have COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive. Learn more about the isolation requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated Albertans.
  • Quarantine is no longer legally required for close contacts of positive cases, unless directed to do so by local public health officials.
  • International travellers must still follow federal travel requirements.

Contact tracing and case investigation

  • Individuals with positive tests will continue to be notified.
  • Contact tracers will not notify close contacts of positive cases, but will ask that individuals do so when informed of their positive result.
  • Contact tracers will continue to investigate cases in high-risk settings, such as acute and continuing care.


Outbreak management and identification will focus on high-risk locations, including continuing and acute care and high-risk workplaces.

  • Community outbreaks with a surge in cases leading to severe outcomes will be addressed as needed.

Health care and congregate care settings

  • Masking is required in all AHS operated and contracted facilities, and all continuing care facilities.
  • Existing public health orders for acute care remain in place.
  • Public health orders for continuing care remain in place.

Government of Alberta COVID-19 public health actions website


How to Lower your Risks of Exposure


While restrictions may be changing residents are still encouraged to assess and manage their personal risk factors by taking additional precautions.

Risk Assessment

The risk of contracting COVID-19 varies from person to person. When doing a self assessment, consider some of the following factors that may increase your risk:

  • Have you been fully vaccinated?
  • Do you have regular contact with children or other groups who have not or cannot been vaccinated?
  • Do you attend crowded indoor spaces?
  • How many people are you and your regular social circle exposed to?
  • Are you able to consistently maintain social distancing from other people?
  • Do you have other health factors that may lead to severe health outcomes if you exposed to COVID-19?

Additional Precautions

To lower your risk of infection it is encourage that individuals continue to:

  • Regularly assess their risk factors for exposure.
  • Practice Social Distancing.
  • Stay up to date with provincial and local health restrictions.
  • Practice good hand and respiratory hygiene.
  • Avoid or limit time spent in crowded indoor spaces.
  • Minimize close contact with anyone showing cold-like symptoms.
  • Continue to use a face mask.
  • Get fully vaccinated.


This update is for informational use only and does not supersede any bylaws or legislation. Please visit your local municipality’s website for applicable up-to-date information for your area.



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