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Winter Driving Tips!

  • 21 January 2022
  • Author: Safety Ahead
  • Number of views: 814
Winter Driving Tips!

Given the recent weather and road conditions in Edmonton, Alberta, what better time to discuss the do’s and don’ts of winter driving! Edmonton experienced an extremely high amount of vehicles collisions due to the recent freezing rain and freeze thaw conditions. Over 100 collisions were reported in Edmonton from the freezing rain. Many of these could have been prevented by driving in a manner that is appropriate for the weather and road conditions. Please have a look at the tips below to help improve your winter driving awareness!

Fire Safety Plan

  • 12 November 2020
  • Author: Safety Ahead
  • Number of views: 3434
Fire Safety Plan

Imagine a fire starts in your house, starting to block all exits and ways out. You’re trapped and can’t get out of the house. You start to panic. Wishing you would have come up with an escape route or plan to get out. This is where the Fire Safety Plan comes in handy. Fires affect thousand of Canadians every year whether they are workplace fires, house fires and/or forest fires.

Working During COVID-19

  • 24 September 2020
  • Author: Safety Ahead
  • Number of views: 3836
Working During COVID-19

With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, some companies have been changing their working situations to allow their employees to work from home, but some companies are unable to do that and their employees still need to go into the office. This blog will give you some tips whether you are either working from home or if you are back working in the office. 


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