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Manage your OHS Program with ONE Proven Application

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As the Safety Administrator, you're responsible for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of human lives and pieces of equipment. You're responsible for tracking all employee safety training, all equipment inspections, and certifications.

Your company depends on you to keep everyone and everything in compliance with Provincial and Federal Safety laws. How do you keep track of all those dates, certificates and documents?

Imagine being able to locate any form, record or document in seconds no matter where you are. Having all information stored in one location and available on demand will save you time, legal issues, and could even save a life during.

We have the solution to make your job more manageable.



One App Manages your Entire Safety Program

Make sense of your data with charts, graphs, and statistical analysis to help you spot trends and prevent injuries. Its simple for small businesses and robust enough for large companies. Here are the ways this app can help you:

  • Create Custom Forms
  • Full Library of Health and Safety Forms
  • Useable Offline or Online
  • Keeps People Accountable by Monitoring Data Input
  • Simplifies Audits
  • Tracks Certification, inspection, and Training Expirations
  • Accessible from any Internet Connected Device
  • Training Management System
  • Equipment Management System
  • Notification System
  • Permission System Securely Controls Access
Safety Admin

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 Safety Ahead News

Air Travel Safety

  • 28 July 2019
  • Author: Safety Ahead
  • Number of views: 1430
Air Travel Safety

With summer travel in full swing, and the recent news of an Air Canada flight’s emergency landing, now is the time to think safe in your travels.

On July 11th, Air Canada Flight 33 from Toronto to Sydney, Australia was forced to make an emergency landing in Honolulu due to extreme turbulence – injuring 37 people. While flight turbulence may not have been preventable, most injuries were.

From our team’s air travel experience, we at Safety Ahead would like to offer up our top flight safety tips for you to keep in mind this travel season and anytime you find yourself flying:

  • Seat Belts: as you know, wearing your seat belt during takeoff and landing is a must. But did you know that you should be wearing your belt the entire time you are seated during the flight? This is due to the unknown timing and location of turbulence, and the risk for injuries, movement of people, and items can happen quickly when the plane hits a rough patch of air. We too at Safety Ahead have experienced turbulence many times in the middle of a flight, while just trying to relax or even eat a snack. Having our seat belts always done up while sitting has helped prevent any unnecessary spills.  
  • Oxygen Masks: should there be an emergency, or even if the air depressurizes, knowing how to use your oxygen mask is crucial. Always put your own mask on first before assisting others – you have probably heard this multiple times, but do you know why? In the case of a lack of oxygen, you will need to ensure you are alert and conscious, as you are no good to others should you pass out. Therefore, know how to use your mask, get it on, and then assist children or anyone incapable of putting the mask on themselves.
  • Lifejacket or Floatation Device: be sure to know where your personal lifejacket or floatation device is located. For most flights, this will be stored under your seat. Luckily, we at Safety Ahead have never had to use any of these devices on flight, but we also read the safety manual located at our seat to be prepared.  
  • Emergency Exits: locate and know where the nearest Emergency Exit is to your seat on a plane. In the case of an emergency evacuation, being prepared for any situation (including a power outage or items blocking your way) by knowing where to go will help greatly. We sometimes like to even choose the option to sit at the Emergency Exit as it provides extra legroom and easy access should the case arise.  
  • Emergency Slides: should you have to evacuate the plane, emergency slides may be inflated and deployed. Be sure to remove high-heeled shoes or anything that could puncture the slide in the case of an evacuation.
  • Take-Off Safety Orientation: one of the best and safest ways to enjoy your flight is to take the 5 minutes to watch and listen to the take-off safety orientation. At Safety Ahead, our team members have travelled to many different countries, and thankfully the safety orientation has always done in English and the native language. During this session you are provided all the safety information needed for your particular aircraft and flight. Demonstrations on how to use your seat belt, oxygen mask, floatation device and more are covered, and in the case of an emergency or time of panic, having this insight could save your life.

Wishing you a happy and safe air-travels, wherever your next flight may take you!


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