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Safety Ahead Ltd. is a leading provider of positive, practical safety solutions for the construction and oil and gas industry in Alberta and throughout Western Canada.




Our approach helps you demystify Safety Management, Legislative acts and actions, and help you develop an ongoing plan of audit and safety action. We can also help you create the training, retraining, and easy-to-follow process that make your Safety Plan powerful, practicable and available for any size project.


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COR certification allows companies to bid on public projects and saves on WCB premiums.

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OHS Training & Workshops

Providing classroom or on site personnel safety training, workshops, reviews, and materials.

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OHS Program Development

Services to help you establish and maintain an effective and compliant safety program.

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Up to date materials for your Safety Program. Training Materials, Manuals, DIY Programs.

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Make your Occupation Health and Safety Program Manageable Online with Safety Admin

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What others say about Safety Ahead Ltd.

"Safety Ahead did a great job on our safety program. we didn't have one or know how to start one, but Safety Ahead made it easy to setup and implement. We now have a first class safety program and have been able to bid on more projects."
- Kelly Belly, Gizmo Gadgets Inc.
"Your Construction background and safety experience are excellent assets in developing a safety program for my company that is very user friendly and sustainable."
- Dave Crawford, President, DGC Contracting Inc.
" “The Supervisor and Representative Safety Training Program is an excellent workshop whether you come as a supervisor, advisor, administrator, or field worker. Upon completion of this course, I found that I returned to my position feeling both empowered and armed with the knowledge I needed to be successful. I felt energized and eager to start passing on the knowledge I gained to both our field staff as well as management. I couldn’t wait to use all of my new teaching tools and techniques to promote and safety in the workplace. I absolutely recommend the Supervisor and Representative Safety Training Program offered by Safety Ahead. I am looking forward to signing up additional team members in the future. I would highly recommend this learning experience to you or your staff. What I liked best about the course was the incredible variety of strategies that were modeled, the insight on legislation, and the incredible learning process of working as a safety team. Allan delivers on presentation and has an uncanny knack of making these strategies relatable to your industry and workforce. It was an amazing learning experience.” – Ryan Latta, Service Experts - Edmonton, Alberta "


Safety Services

Safety Ahead Ltd. provides the following types of services to improve your overall safety standard:

  • Improving your Safety record.
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Safety Program Assessments/Audits
  • ACSA audits for COR Certification
  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Building a strong Safety minded team.
  • Job Site Orientations
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Accident Investigations and Reports
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Safety Inspections

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Safety Ahead helps clients create training, retraining, and easy-to-follow processes that make your Safety Plan powerful, practicable and available for any size project. Whether your current plan needs to be updated or you require a custom designed safety plan, we’ll help you every step of the way!

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 Safety Ahead News

Contractor Compliance

  • 20 November 2019
  • Author: Safety Ahead
  • Number of views: 2314
Contractor Compliance

Working together and being able to provide the craft of a specific trade is what can truly make a job or project a successful and profitably one. But when it comes to the safety of multiple workers and trades on-site it got me thinking - who is truly responsible for what?

When digging into this further I found out that every construction and oil and gas site must have a prime contractor whenever two or more employers engage in work at the same site, even if they are not working at the same time. In accordance with Alberta’s Occupations Health & Safety Legislation, when you take on the role of prime contractor, you become responsible for coordinating, organizing and overseeing the health and safety activities of multiple employers and self-employed persons, sub-contractors, on a single work site. This also means ensuring that your health and safety systems are being followed at all times.

Should an incident or accident occur, you as the prime contractor will be held directly responsible, which could mean costly consequences involving OH&S fines, or worse, an injured or even killed worker. Why this tends to be an issue can be summed in the words of our Safety Ahead President, Allan Head, “Many just don’t see how serious it is until it happens.” And if you think these safety issues are few and far between, you will probably be just as shocked as I was to hear that in Edmonton there are 6 serious incidents that occur on the job each day, according to OH&S!

I was also recently informed of a situation where a sub-contractor was working on-site at a construction build. Unfortunately, on this particular day the worker was using a saw that had been fitted with the wrong blade. In a rush to complete the work he continued cutting with it as is, but there was kick back and unable to react quick enough his finger was caught in the way of the blade. Safety systems were not followed and as a result a major accident occurred. In this case, the prime contractor is responsible for the health and safety of this sub-contractor – but safety is truly everyone’s responsibility. The worker should have followed the safety procedures put in place; other workers on-site could have reminded him or warned him of the danger; and spot checks of all equipment should have been done on a regular basis to help prevent or eliminate the hazard.

“Always evaluate your system to ensure it is implemented the way it needs to be,” states Allan Head. If you need assistance or direction in ensuring your safety program meets the needs of all employees on the job, connect with us at Safety Ahead to learn more about our complete Contractor Compliance Program. Reach out via or call 780-473-4772 today.



Cited: Alberta Occupational Health & Safety


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