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Safety in a Box ™ - Keeping Workers Safe!

  • 21 February 2018
  • Author: Safety Ahead
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Safety in a Box ™ - Keeping Workers Safe!

You want to keep your employees safe while on the job, and you believe in following rules and regulations that help you ensure their safety. But have you ever wondered what else you can be doing? Maybe legislation has changed and there are new requirements that you are unaware of. Maybe your scope of work has changed over the years and your program needs to be updated but you’re not sure where to start or what to include. Continuous improvement within your company leads to better bottom lines. This applies to your safety program as well. As your company changes and grows, so should you safety program. Continual improvement of your systems and processes is a way to move forward, but these changes need to identify the gaps within the systems while at the same time be practical and cost effective.

Allan Head (NCSO, CHSC) recognized the need for employers to have a system available to them that can help them achieve these goals so he set out to create a system that can do just that. Using his more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry he created an innovative product called Safety in a Box™. The Safety in a Box ™ system is a user friendly starter kit that allows companies of all sizes to cover key safety requirements in a practical, easy way. It can help you streamline your processes and ensure that your safety program is functioning efficiently while maintaining the safe and healthy work environment that you want for your employees. Safety in a Box™ helps companies understand and meet their health, safety and legal obligations as well as mitigate potential liabilities. All of the materials have been developed for maximum simplicity and ease of use, even a beginner can use it successfully. It is a blueprint for a complete Safety Program.

The Safety in a Box ™ system can help with the following:

  • New companies that would like to build a complete safety management system
  • Assist companies that may have a small budget with incident prevention (a single incident could cost upwards of $250,000.00).
  • Enable employers, who have little to no training, to implement a safety program on a job site in under 2 hours.
  • Provide support for employees, and assist with the prevention of injuries, incidents and the associated fines.

The Safety Management Starter Kit is more than booklets and forms. It’s a process that includes documentation, implementation, communication and training that is done on a regular basis to ensure your workplace is functioning efficiently while keeping your workers safe and healthy. All forms, log books and NCR booklets are designed to meet COR (Certificate of Recognition) requirements and are also acceptable for SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) program. The Safety in a Box™ starter kit is a cost effective way to ensure that your company is functioning efficiently while remaining within a reasonable budget.

Safety in a Box™ includes the following items:

  • Log Books, Folding Cards and NCR Booklets including Field Level Hazard Assessments, Caution Cards, Daily Pre-Job Tailgate Meeting, Site Safety Inspection, Tool Box Safety Meeting, Equipment Operator’s Daily Log/Pre-Use Inspection and many more!

To order a Safety in a Box™ starter kit, please give us a call at Safety Ahead Ltd (780)473-4772! Please visit our store at for a complete product list and more Safety in a Box™ product information!


Safety Ahead Ltd. also provides the following services:

  • Safety Program Assessments/Audits,
  • Program Development,
  • Hazard Assessments,
  • Safe Work Practices,
  • Safe Job Procedures,
  • ACSA Audits for COR Certification,
  • Emergency Response Planning,
  • Job Site Orientations,
  • Incident Investigations and Reports.

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«August 2018»

Working in Severe Weather

Thunderstorms are common in hot weather, during the summer months. Lightning occurs about once every three seconds in Canada.

Lightning is up to a million times more powerful than household current, and it can be deadly. In Canada, lightning takes an average of six to seven lives every year and seriously injures up to 60 to 70 people. Lightning causes about half the forest fires in Western Canada, the number of lightning strikes in Eastern Canada is highest in Windsor, Ontario followed by Toronto and Hamilton. Lightning usually strikes protruding objects (trees, towers, buildings, etc.) and higher ground. Metal objects also are at a very high risk of getting struck by lightning.

When a person is struck by lightning, the injury could be made worse from personal electronic devices such as cell phones, beepers, iPods, and Walkman’s. Metal conducts the electricity which causes burns. Jewelry, coins and personal electronic devices have been known to cause burns.


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Prompt Incident Reporting

Prompt Incident Reporting – it’s hammered into us during orientations, during safety meetings and tool box meetings. Is it really important? …Why?

There are really two primary reasons why incidents and injuries should be reported immediately:

  • To prevent the injury from getting worse
  • To correct an identified hazard before a person has an incident and now, because of legislative changes that have come into effect with the introduction of Bill 30, Potentially Serious Incidents also require reporting to OHS.
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Working in Poor Air Conditions

British Columbia has declared a state of emergency due to the almost 600 wildfires that are plaguing the province. Hot, dry weather conditions have made the situation worse, along with lightning strikes causing even more fires to add to the problem.

The smoke from the BC fires has been pushing it's way into Alberta and is creating very poor air quality and air advisory warnings from Environment Canada to be issued. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) indicates that air quality is forecast as a 10 (High Risk) for Friday August 17, and 9 overnight and into Saturday. Moving into the weekend it should drop to a moderate risk of 5.

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