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Safety Admin

A user-friendly, versatile way to manage your safety program with ease!

  • 22 August 2018
  • Author: Safety Ahead
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Safety Admin

Safety Ahead has recently become the only Alberta distributor for Safety Admin! Safety Admin is a web based health and safety management system used to streamline company safety documentation and processes. Safety Admin has many user friendly features such as:

  • Employee Overview – add all your company employees’ information such as emergency contacts, certifications and training, and performance ratings.
  • Training Records – this area will allow you to enter employee training certs complete with expiration dates so you will always be able to track training and know when refresher or renewal training is required!
  • Document Library – upload your company health and safety program along with Practices, Procedures and formal hazard assessments so your employees will always have access to them when required.
  • Equipment Inventory and Inspection Records – keep a detailed list of company equipment including pictures, equipment ID information, inspection and maintenance records and identification pictures. Equipment Inspection forms are also available on Safety Admin to allow operator’s quick access and user-friendly forms to ensure equipment inspections are complete and documented as required!
  • Forms – company forms can be completed through Safety Admin including Caution Cards, PPE Inspections, Notice of Non-Compliance, Vehicle Inspections, Office/Shop/Site Inspections, Journey Management Plans, Field Level Hazard Assessments and many more.. The sky is the limit as Safety Admin also features a form builder which allows selected users to develop customized forms on the program!
  • Dashboard – this area is located on the first page of Safety Admin and allows users to inform other employees of upcoming events, inspections, and meetings etc. on the News page.

Safety Admin is as versatile as it is easy to use, access it anytime, anyplace right from your desktop, tablet/iPad, or directly from your cell phone. This feature makes it easy to conduct inspections, meetings, hazard assessments right from the field. It also helps ensure that important information or action items are not lost or forgotten as you can record them from your cell phone right away!

Caution Card - Safety Admin image

Notice of Non-Compliance - Safety Admin image

For more information on Safety Admin, or to sign up to use Safety Admin for your company, please call us at Safety Ahead! 780-473-4772.


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