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Update your Safety Program!

Align with the 2019 COR Audit Tool and recent legislation changes

  • 3 May 2019
  • Author: Safety Ahead
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Update your Safety Program!

Get ready for your COR Audit! The Alberta Construction Safety Association introduced the ACSA 2019 COR Audit Tool in January 2019. All companies requiring COR audits will now be audited using this new standard. There are significant changes in legislation and the audit tool over the last year, it is important that company health and safety programs are updated to include these requirements.

Many companies will need to update their existing health and safety management system/program in order to meet the new standard.

Major Changes include:

  • Public, Visitors and Contract Employers. (Element 2)
  • Health and Safety Committees and safety Representatives. (Element 3)
  • New legislative content has been included to include Workplace Violence and Harassment. (Element 6)

Safety Program Requirements under new legislation include:

  1. A Health and Safety Policy that states the company’s commitment to the protection and maintenance of the health and safety of workers at the work site;
  2. Identification of existing and potential hazards to workers at the work site, including harassment, violence, physical, biological, chemical or radiological hazards and measure that will be taken to eliminate, reduce or control those hazards;
  3. An Emergency Response Program, that includes site specific emergency response plans, maps, and procedures.
  4. A statement of the responsibilities of the employer, supervisors and workers at the work site, including contracted employers;
  5. A schedule and procedures for regular inspection of the work site;
  6. Procedures to be followed to protect health and safety when another employer or self-employed person is involved in work at the work site, including criteria for evaluating and selecting and for regularly monitoring those employers and self-employed persons;
  7. Employee and Contractor health and safety orientations and training;
  8. Procedures for investigating incidents, injuries and refusals to work;
  9. Procedures for worker participation in work site health and safety, including inspections and the investigation of incidents, injuries and refusals to work;
  10. Procedures for reviewing and revising the health and safety program if circumstances at a work site change in a way that creates or could create a hazard to workers;
  11. Any elements set out in the regulations.


Don’t leave it to the last minute, update your safety program today! Give us a call at Safety Ahead Ltd, we have developed a Safety Management System designed to meet both legislative and COR audit requirements. Safety Ahead can assist you in ensuring your health and safety program meets your company’s specific scope of work and meets applicable legislation for the provinces that you operate in. Give us a call today to get started! We can also assist you in achieving COR certification!


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